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Getting content, scores and critical data from all the Games out to journalists, media institutions, athletes and more than 4 billion viewers is a massively complex undertaking, especially with just a 0.5 second lead time. Our Big Data and Enterprise Content Management services ensure the perfect execution of this daunting task.


Business issue

How do you transform the vast amounts of information generated by your enterprise into powerful assets that drive your company forward?


For the Olympic and Paralympic Games

We deal with more content than ever at each successive Olympic and Paralympic Games. for example, the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games will be the biggest Winter Games yet with 12 new medal events. This means a substantial growth in the volume of data. 17 days of breaking records and 10% more results data to get to over 3bn viewers in real-time.


For you

In a world that’s overflowing with information, we can help your organization to target the data that matters delivering live information where, when and how it is needed. Atos has solutions that can turn data that is unstructured and difficult to interpret or share into useful information that brings value to your business. It’s the only way to arrive at the insights that drive better decision-making and give you a real competitive advantage.

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Ascent: a vision for sport and technology

Ascent: a vision for sport and technology

To see how our personal bests can help you smash records, get hold of our exclusive report. "Ascent. A vision for sport and technology"


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