As an event that happens only once every two years, in a different location every time, which needs a huge computing infrastructure and generates a huge peaks of data, the Olympic Games would seem to be a perfect fit for cloud computing. And in the future it might be even more and more so.


Business issue

In the near future, more services will be delivered over the cloud providing more efficiency, agility and productivity.


For the Olympic and Paralympic Games

We have systematically worked with the IOC to securely and cost effectively accelerate the move to the cloud. But only in those areas where it is safe to do so. The anticipated benefits are substantial: IT cost reduction and capex avoidance through flexible pricing models plus access to innovative and agile technology that can enable rapid Cloud implementation and faster time to market for products and services. Sochi will see some significant technology firsts, including the deployment of the official Games website over the Cloud.


For you

We do the same for our clients all over the world. Our cloud services are focused exclusively on bringing the benefits of Cloud delivery to large public and multinational private sector organizations. And by integrating their IT infrastructure, we support growth and customer intimacy, whilst reducing costs, improving security and ensuring sustainability.

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