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The provision of IT services to the broad and diverse Olympic and Paralympic family illustrates how robust IT security and risk management systems enable agile organizations. Discover how Atos’ business technologists are helping the Games and businesses the world over leverage this new “boundary-less” concept with security and transparency.


Business issue

How do you defend your organization from the threats within and the threat without when it really counts? And would you be able to neutralize 255 million security alerts?


For the Olympic and Paralympic Games

When an event attracts the attention of millions of viewers, unfortunately not every intention will be benevolent. At the Olympic and Paralympic Games, high performance security solutions from Atos will be monitoring hundreds of thousands of IT security events each day, instantly sifting benign anomalies from potential real threats.


For you

What Atos does for the Olympic and Paralympic Games every two years, it does for enterprises every day around the world. Our business technologists help you to achieve highly robust IT security and risk management solutions while giving your enterprise the agility it needs for change. It’s how we help you transform risk into value. Because risk management should facilitate performance, not shackle it.

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ISRM whitepaper

Strategic system for risk management. Models and growth phases.


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Need to maximise security cut costs and improve efficiency?

Ascent: a vision for sport and technology

Ascent: a vision for sport and technology

To see how our personal bests can help you smash records, get hold of our exclusive report. "Ascent. A vision for sport and technology"


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