Since 2002, the Olympic and Paralympic Games have been fertile terrain for Atos business technologists as they seek to empower the Olympic and Paralympic family with rich, real-time content available on an anytime, anywhere, any device basis, with the requisite IT security in place. The Olympic and Paralympic Games showcases this trend and takes it to the next level.


Business issue

The rise of mobility is continuing to increase and more rich, real-time content needs to be available on an anytime, anywhere, any device basis.


For the Olympic and Paralympic Games

The international scope of the Olympic and Paralympic Games means a vast array of mobile devices are coming in from many different sources, each with the requirement of flawless and secure delivery of services over the Olympic and Paralympic Games’ vast network. Atos’ business technologists are providing anytime, anywhere access to news and live results to thousands of journalists and other professionals with uncompromised IT security for all.


For you

Today, with billions of smartphones and other smart devices in use around the world, there is a need for simplifying, unifying and revolutionizing the end-user experience. Atos has a deep-rooted understanding of mobility and has both the solutions and people to enable our clients to implement mobility while cutting costs, raising productivity and yet maintaining security.

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Ascent: a vision for sport and technology

Ascent: a vision for sport and technology

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