Social Collaboration

The way people are interacting during the Olympic Games via their TVs, mobile devices, social media and the internet makes Sochi 2014 the most digitally-enabled Winter Games of all time with over 3bn viewers and a predicted 8bn devices connected to the internet. The Olympic and Paralympic Games showcases this trend and takes collaboration to the next level. Discover how Atos´ business technologists are helping to pave the way to a zero email Games.


Business issue

How can you move towards a fully enabled collaborative environment at a pace that suits the needs and expectations of your business?


For the Olympic and Paralympic Games

All organizations face challenges as a result of the explosion in data and the Olympic and Paralympic Games are no different. With so much data flowing in, it is crucial that the really important messages get through and are not ‘lost’ in the system. During Sochi 2014, our technology team will no longer rely on email, but instead use collaboration tools to manage monitor and share information about the main critical processes of the operations.


For you

With a collaborative environment, based on social collaboration, the new workplace is wherever it needs to be. Mobility is the new standard and employees will be free to work where and when they are most productive. Careful management will create a much more flexible approach that better serves the work/life balance of the individual and the needs of the business.

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