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Delivering agility, quality and cost-efficiency

Are the IT and business support models which served you well until now still fit for purpose?

You face new forces for change:


  • Cloud-based IT and business-services rewrite the rulebook
  • Application development pressure outstrips resource capacity
  • Security, regulation and compliance demand constant vigilance
  • Employees and customers want to work with the latest media and devices

Atos operates as a joined-up global resource. We deliver end-to-end application development, testing, integration and ongoing management services. Our global data center network assures coordinated hosting for cloud-based and traditional services. Our virtual network of over 6,000 service desk agents is consistent, fast and focused.

Our Global Delivery team helps you manage the pressure of rapid change. Adopters regularly reduce IT operating costs by 20% and more – speeding development and improving quality at the same time.


In all aspects of global service delivery, Atos makes scalability and agility a priority – and this means the service we deliver can be ramped up or cut back more or less on demand.


Atos industry-specific expertise is also reflected fully in the make-up and design of our Global Delivery Model, with centers of expertise in Energy and Utilities, Public Sector, Manufacturing, Telecommunications and Media, and Financial Services collaborating as part of a joined-up global network.

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Global Delivery

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